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Discover how Open Book Management [OBM] practices can transform business and personal wellbeing, employee engagement and build trust

How do we make our organisational Purpose and personal purpose enhance each others impact? Create a purpose-led business to engage purposeful people.

How can our business language, our mindsets, and our behaviour lead to a better relationship to waste? Ultimately, creating new operation and organisational models that create zero waste.

Build a high-trust workplace through transforming from a traditional top-down hierarchy to one operating self-managing principles.

Some lived-experience nuggets on self-managing work principles and the benefits

Create the joy and well-being of belonging to an organisation that celebrates individuality, autonomy, creativity, self-organisation, and intrinsic responsibility.

Why The Good Stream puts its Articles of Association at the heart of its governance & decision making.

Our collective business actions and decisions are guided by our individual and shared values. Being intentional and mindful of their impacts is essential for a sustainable business.

The story of why we created The Good Stream